Modeling Services
One of our primary areas of expertise is aviation noise modeling. We are consulting with Federal agencies on improving the FAA's Integerated Noise Model (INM) by modifying the underlying core acoustic algorithms. We have taught classes on noise models in Taiwan, the Netherlands, France, and various locations in the United States. Please contact us for information on teaching the FAA's Integrated Noise Model at your facility. In addition to the FAA’s INM and Heliport Noise Model (HNM), we have experience with less common noise models, e.g., NASA’s Rotorcraft Noise Model (RNM), the FAA’s Noise Impact Routing System (NIRS), the U.S. Air Force’s NOISEMAP, and the National Park Service's NMSim. We have also developed proprietary aviation models to assist in analysis of special cases.
Integrated Noise Model
The Integrated Noise Model is the FAA’s primary aircraft noise model. The model is under the sponsorship of the FAA’s Office of Environment and Energy (AEE). We have served on the development team for INM version 6 (the most current version) and continue our official involvement by serving on the SAE A-21 committee on Aircraft Noise. We have worked with various manufacturers, including Aerospatiale, Cessna, Embraer, and Gulfstream, to develop INM data for their aircraft. We designed the FAA’s standard method of INM database development for propeller aircraft. We have worked with the FAA and industry to develop standard methods for incorporating new aircraft into the INM.

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